Motus was an interesting project, as it involved a lot of visual effects done by really small resources. Film was produced by studio Arkadena and directed by talented director Oton Bačar. Most of postproduction was done by director himself and Voranc Kumar, a sculptor dedicated to do his work in digital environments.

Laokoon contributed by giving advice, helping with compositing, color grading and digital mastering by creating DCP for cinema distribution. We used Nuke Studio as
main color grading tool and were really pleased with the results. For DCP we tested open source DCP Builder, that proved to be quite good and reliable software for such use. Test screenings were done at Viba Film studios. Whole 3D pipeline and rendering of CGI was done in Blender, using supercluster of computers, kindly lent by a company Arctur.

Project Motus proved open source software can provide high-end feature film quality imagery with an ease and is a philosophy that Laokoon openly supports.