Visual Effects Supervision

Laokoon provides visual effects post-production supervision, advising clients in pre-production, on-set production and post-production phases.

Pre-Production phase

We advise to production teams on use of VFX and give on-set previews of concepts, advising them on production design, best camera rig setups for classical, stereo or VR shooting for VFX. We also advise to gaffer teams on proper green-blue screen lighting. All to avoid unnecessary additional costs of post-production.

On-Set Production phase

Laokoon provides full on-set visual effects supervision, including tracking marker setup, lighting setup, set measurements, lens-camera data logs, lens distortion measurements, 360 HDR capture for post-production lighting, texture and element shooting.

Post-Production phase

We lead VFX post-production team of artists, to ensure the creative aims of our clients are met at the highest level possible.

Visual Effects Post-Production

Our team of artists

Laokoon is a collective of VFX artists from different branches. We rely on excellent teams of 3D Tracking Artists, Animators, 3D Modeling Artists, Texturing Artists, Lighters, Matte Painters and Compositors, to fulfill a brief at the best quality standards.

High-end film, TV and commercial post-production

Our artists are experienced in high-end film, TV and commercial post-production. These three fields are fundamentally different in time and asset management and our teams are experts in all. We offer full post-production pipeline from 3D tracking, matchmoving, modelling, texturing, animating, lighting to 2D compositing, finishing, color grading, digital matte painting, concept design and creative retouching.

Creative Software we use

3D pipeline

Our 3D pipeline is based on Blender as our core software – we proudly support open source philosophy. We use it for all aspects of the 3D pipeline, including super-cluster computer rendering. We do not have any issues adapting other commercial software if projects demand it as our artists have experience in all of the most trending platforms currently used in VFX industry.

2D pipeline

Our 2D pipeline is based on Nuke Studio software, it serves as a project management tool and online editing, compositing, color grading and finishing system. We use Adobe Creative Suite for client’s file management, offline editing and motion graphics.

We also use supportive open source software like Gimp and Inkscape as we are fully supporting a philosophy of the open-source community.

Our monitors are THX® certified, calibrated by VidCal company.